Primož Trubar

The third defining event in Slovenian history is the emergence of reformation and its guiding spirit – Primož Trubar, a priest and disciple of Martin Luther. Trubar argued for Slovenian …


Živa was above all the goddess of water. In the consciousness of people she represented the concept of life, personified by water. She was their first “goddess”, even before mother Earth, who rules

Karst sheepdog

"He is intelligent, listens attentively and understands what he is told to do; in short – he is a perfect sheepdog, afraid of nothing."

The Water Man

In Slovenian folklore there are countless tales of Povodni mož/Water man, sometimes called Gestrin. He is a water spirit, often described as half man, half fish, who can change his appearance on land and may play mischief on humans.

Proteus anginus

In the eighteenth century the amphibian, proteus anginus, inhabitant of subterranean waters, was considered to be progeny of the dragon.

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